10:00 am (LIVE) – Mental resilience and coping skills to succeed in the post-covid world

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Join award-winning entrepreneur and educator Valeria Aloe in this interactive, action-oriented workshop, as she shares innovative self-development tools and effective coping strategies she developed after years in corporate America, and in combining her Dartmouth MBA and a Masters in Spiritual Sciences to empower hundreds of business owners to reclaim balance, calm and clarity of action.

You will walk away from this workshop with:

  • a better understanding of the areas that need rebalance and adjustment
  • coping strategies for when stress and anxiety hit
  • an action plan to balance work, career and/or family in the post-covid world

About Abundancia Consciente:

Abundancia Consciente’s mission is to unlock human potential by developing a consciousness of success.

Its bilingual behavioral-change system uses micro-steps to help professionals and business owners achieve extraordinary results in their careers, businesses, finances and relationships.


  • leadership and empowerment
  • mental resilience and coping mechanisms
  • morale and productivity
  • well-being and performance





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